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Lucy Hunter-James

Lucy Hunter James

As an accomplished actress, Lucy has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the globe's most renowned producers and directors, gracing stages and screens across a staggering 85 countries. Explore this site to witness her extraordinary versatility and boundless talent.

Lucy's vocal prowess knows no bounds. Her captivating performances have graced prestigious events, concerts, award ceremonies, and parties worldwide. Beyond her solo vocal career, she offers an array of captivating acts and shows, ready for your booking pleasure. For further details, head to the Vocalist page.

Lucy's melodious voice extends its charm into the realm of voice-over artistry. A sought-after voice-over artist and jingle singer in the Middle East, her recent campaigns include collaborations with renowned brands like Dubai Airport, Carters, City Centre, Clearblue, Emirates, and Hasbro.


Lucy is also an accomplished presenter, having hosted an impressive array of launches, awards ceremonies, and events. Her portfolio boasts events for Aeternitas, Avar, Evolve, Fly Dubai, Maragoni Fashion, The Heart of Europe, SparkCogniton, Gulf Oil, The Middle East Banking Awards, LG, Acer Product Launch, KidsFest, The Jebel Ali Hotel Awards, The MidEast Metal Launch, and The Asian Banker. 

In the business world, Lucy shines as the owner of 'West End Worldwide,' a UAE-based company specializing in producing theatrical productions and immersive theatre. 

Beyond her creative pursuits, Lucy freelances as a Director, Producer, Casting Director, Performance Coach, Entertainment Advisor, and Talent Judge.

For inquiries about any of Lucy's services, please don't hesitate to reach out at

Lucy Hunter-James

actress/ singer/ voiceover artist

theatre, film, radio and television


Spotlight Number: 2861 | Equity Member: M00147778

Hair: Brown | Eyes: Blue/ Green | Height: 5ft 7" | Build: Slim

​Vocal Range: Mezzo/ Soprano, Bottom A to top F (all styles)

Training: Rose Bruford Drama School, London

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